Sierra Club Support for Establishing a Strong 10-year Demand-Side Management Plan for CPS Energy


More than a decade ago, the City of San Antonio and their municipal utility – CPS Energy – launched the Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) energy conservation program. The program was in part the result of citizen pressure on city council and CPS Energy which had moved to both permit and construct a new coal-fired power plant (Spruce 2), and later explore expanding their investment in nuclear power. STEP was thus an effort to avoid the need for future supply-side resources by making a modest investment in demand-side and on-site generation resources. The initial plan established a goal of reducing overall electric demand by 771 megawatts between 2009 and 2020.

Click here to read the full summary report, “CPS Energy Save For Tomorrow Energy Plan Phase 1 Review and Recommendations for Phase 2 (“FlexSTEP”).”