New Findings: Future is Strong for Energy Efficiency in Massachusetts

Hinesburg, VT – A Vermont-based consulting team led by Optimal Energy, Inc. has determined that robust energy efficiency programs in both the electric and gas sectors in Massachusetts are feasible for years to come. Optimal Energy, with partners Energy Futures Group and others, recently presented its recommendations on the future levels of achievable energy savings to the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council.

These estimates will play a key role in setting new savings targets for the Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan (2019-2021). Plus, they are likely to allow Massachusetts to retain its position as the top state for energy efficiency in the nation.

“These conclusions are very important,” says Optimal Energy partner Eric Belliveau, “because we have confirmed that there are strong and cost-effective opportunities for savings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.” He adds that the analysis factored in changing market conditions and the rapid transformation of lighting technology.

The consultants developed their recommendations by synthesizing and adjusting the results of several energy efficiency potential studies commissioned by the individual electric and gas program administrators in the state, determining that Massachusetts can continue to deliver energy efficiency savings at high levels. In the electric sector, this translates to savings in excess of 3% of annual retail electric sales.

Enough Energy Saved to Power a Million Homes

Since 2009, The Optimal team has helped Massachusetts save over 7 million megawatt-hours of electricity and 155 million therms of natural gas, enough energy to power over a million homes and heat over 150 thousand homes for a year. The efficiency programs have also provided over $17 billion in benefits to Massachusetts residents and businesses.

Optimal Energy is the lead consulting firm charged with assisting the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council in developing, implementing, and evaluating energy efficiency plans administered by a group of the states’ utility companies and an energy services organization. These plans, required as part of the state’s Green Communities Act of 2008, included ambitious energy savings targets resulting in nation-leading energy savings. For more information, please contact: Optimal Energy and Energy Futures Group.

Founded in 1996, Optimal Energy Inc. provides a full range of energy efficiency consulting services to investor and municipally owned utilities, program administrators, state and federal energy offices, regulatory commissions, advisory councils, and advocacy groups. The firm specializes in assessing, developing, designing, planning and launching efficiency programs and policies that effectively address the needs of all stakeholders in a cost-effective, balanced fashion.

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