Technical Support and EM&V Services

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Chart of electric energy supply curve for State of Delaware by Optimal Energy
Electric energy supply curve for Delaware achievable potential, scaled by savings opportunity

Optimal has developed savings algorithms and calculation methodologies for thousands of measures for dozens of clients. Our methodologies result in high levels of accuracy and excellent realization rates for our clients. Therefore, Optimal’s skills and experience translate into superior evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) services.

We are leaders in energy efficiency for the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness tools and screening
  • Lighting and HVAC measure savings analysis
  • Custom measure savings analysis
  • Technical Reference Manual or “deemed” savings methodologies
  • Development of savings calculation tools
  • Energy modeling
  • Emerging efficiency technology research and analysis
  • Project savings claim evaluation and review

Examples of Technical Support, Savings Methodologies, and Measurement

From the simplest prescriptive measures to the most complex custom project types, our team can develop defensible, documented savings calculations. We can leverage our expertise by offering clients direct support for project savings claims, and as part of independent evaluation efforts. These can take several forms, depending on the project: