Regulatory Strategy and Policy Support

Optimal Energy has a solid track record of providing high-level strategic guidance and policy support to a variety of public and private organizations. Our list of clients includes state and local governments, national regulatory agencies, and environmental advocacy groups. We offer a range of strategic guidance, technical modeling, and expert advice on energy and efficiency-related policy issues.

Optimal’s Regulatory Strategy and Policy Support work includes the following competencies:

  • Provide guidance on setting efficiency and renewable energy targets for both electric and gas utilities
  • Review proposed efficiency portfolios for key factors: practicality, comprehensiveness, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness
  • Advise on utility cost-recovery mechanisms
  • Develop utility performance metrics and track progress towards these metrics
  • Train and educate program staff, regulators, and stakeholders on relevant topics
  • Provide guidance on best-practice program strategies
  • Develop and review evaluation plans and interpret evaluation study results
  • Conduct market-specific analyses to inform strategic and policy decisions
Wilmington, Delaware night skyline and Riverwalk along the Christiana River
We provide broad program planning, analysis, and strategic guidance to the Delaware Energy Efficiency Advisory Council

Examples of National and Statewide Efficiency Strategy and Policy

We serve a vital role providing guidance to entities around the country. These government bodies and organizations monitor and oversee the implementation of some of the most advanced efficiency portfolios in the country. Below are examples of this work:

Iowa Office of Consumer Advocate

Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council 

Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council

Learn more about the role of state energy efficiency stakeholder councils here.