Potential Analysis and Initial Program Planning

Optimal Energy provides technical and economic assessments of the potential for demand-side resources and distributed renewable energy generation to quantify cost-effective energy efficiency resources and opportunities for savings.

An important first step in launching clean energy initiatives, potential studies provide vital data needed to evaluate efficiency as an alternative to supply side resources. They help set goals and funding levels and are fundamental to the design of programs and policies.

State of Delaware Projected Annual Energy Savings Study Results

Optimal Energy’s potential assessments typically involve:

  • Technical, economic, and feasibility estimates of efficiency opportunities
  • Characterization of costs and performance of efficiency and renewable technologies
  • Forecasting market penetration and savings levels
    Integration of efficiency and renewable resources in long term plans

Optimal Energy also provides independent critique of previous potential studies to help clients understand their value and/or shortcomings.

Examples of our work:

Our economic modeling tools are based on industry standards and have been refined and improved over many years. We employ state-of-the-art programming tools and techniques, such as software developed by the R-Project.