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Potential Analysis and Initial Program Planning

Optimal provides technical and economic assessments of the potential for energy savings and distributed renewable energy generation. This helps to quantify cost-effective energy efficiency resources and opportunities for savings.

Such studies represent an important first step in launching clean energy initiatives. They provide vital data needed to evaluate efficiency as an alternative to supply side resources. They help set goals and funding levels, and help drive design of programs and policies.

State of Delaware Projected Annual Energy Savings Study Results
State of Delaware Potential Study Results, as presented by Optimal Energy

Optimal’s potential assessments typically involve the following:

  • Estimate technical, economic, and achievable potential efficiency opportunities
  • Characterize costs and performance of efficiency and renewable technologies
  • Forecast market penetration and savings levels
  • Integrate efficiency and renewable generation resources into long term resource plans
  • Provide independent assessments of existing potential studies to determine their utility and applicability to the current situation and context

Our economic modeling tools have been developed and refined over many years. They include a comprehensive database of measure characterizations that are based on industry and economic standard practices. We are currently exploring ways to further improve the efficiency and flexibility of our tools using modern programming tools and techniques, such as software developed by the R-Project.

Examples of Statewide Potential Studies

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Potential Study of New York State

Energy Savings Potential in Delaware

Also, Optimal Energy has authored a Guide for Conducting Energy Efficiency Potential Studies, a resource of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.



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