Expert Testimony

Optimal Energy’s consultants are often called upon to serve as subject matter experts before regulatory commissions and governmental agencies. This includes providing both informal guidance and written or oral testimony to commissioners, hearing officers, and their staff.

Our testimony and guidance can be invaluable for a wide range of issues and topic areas:

  • The potential for efficiency investments to meet forecasted utility loads
  • The benefits of demand-side resources compared to supply-side resources
  • How efficiency is treated in Integrated Resource Plans
  • Assessing proposed efficiency investments for comprehensiveness, adherence to best practices, and likelihood of success
  • Balancing the impacts of proposed utility cost-recovery mechanisms and performance incentives

Examples of our work:

Optimal Energy’s principles and senior consultants are in demand to provide objective and persuasive expert testimony to support our analyses and research findings. Optimal Energy staff have appeared before public utility commissions in over a dozen states, including: