Where We Work

Optimal has worked in over 35 states and 6 Canadian provinces. We also completed two major projects in China. Much of our work occurs close to our office locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US and bordering Canadian provinces. We have also developed significant concentrations of work in the Southeast, Midwest, and the West Coast. We have recently worked in seven of the top ten states in the State Energy Efficiency Scorecard published by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy.


rank 1

Lead consultant to the Energy Efficiency Advisory Council.

Rhode Island

rank 3


rank 4

Technical consultant to Efficiency Vermont; planning consultant to the Vermont Department of Public Service.


rank 5

Primary energy efficiency planning consultant to Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative.

Technical consultant to the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board

New York

rank 6

Implementation consultant to Orange & Rockland Utilities; planning consultant for New York Power Authority; technical consultant for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.


rank 8

Consultant to Minnesota Commerce Department (efficiency potential study)