Optimal Energy is fully functional with all staff working safely from home
offices. Our work always required us to be connected through video, phone,
and computer, so our systems were in place and ready to accommodate the
move to all-remote staffing. We are here, serving the changing needs of
our clients. You can reach any of us on our direct phone lines, which are
included in our individual staff profiles here.  Stay safe, stay healthy.

Our Clients Lead
the Nation in Energy Efficiency

  • Massachusetts (#1)
    8 years in a row
  • California (#2)
  • Rhode Island (#3)
  • Vermont (#4)
  • Connecticut (#5)
  • New York (#6)
  • Minnesota (#8)

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Prime Contractor for Delivering Cost-Effective EE Programs

Hiker and views from Camel’s Hump Mountain in Huntington, VT

Staff Spotlight: Mark Kravatz

As a senior consultant at Optimal, Mark provides research, analytical, and project management support for clients.

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Mark Kravetz, Senior Consultant

Nationally Recognized Energy Efficiency Consultants

Since 1996, Optimal Energy has provided a full range of energy efficiency consulting services to investor and municipally owned utilities, program administrators, state and federal energy offices, regulatory commissions, advisory councils, and advocacy groups. Read more…