Commitment to Sustainability

Optimal Energy is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own business operations. To encourage use of alternative fuel vehicles, we installed an electric vehicle charging station, allowing two employees to switch to all-electric vehicles. Several other commuters drive to work in hybrid cars and employees can also choose to work from home.

Optimal also works to use energy efficient office equipment and incorporate green building design elements whenever possible. Optimal staff all use Energy Star laptop computers and monitors. In late 2013, Optimal moved its main office to a building that was centrally located and more efficient than its previous work space. This move significantly reduced the commute distance for most employees, directly leading to lower transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. The office building is equipped with high efficiency LED lighting and occupancy sensors throughout, set back thermostats, and a high efficiency natural gas heating system with 95% AFUE. Optimal further advanced its sustainability efforts in 2015 by purchasing power for its Hinesburg office from a 7.2 kW solar PV array that provides the majority of the building’s electricity needs.

Optimal uses 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper for all its printing needs and documents are printed on two sides whenever feasible. Optimal also uses paper products with post-consumer recycled content in its kitchen and bathrooms.